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 Why Your Car Is Not Start when it’s Cold?

Why Your Car Is Not Start when it’s Cold?

The most common question asked in the car world is: “Why my car is not starting on cold mornings? Even, it may happen to everyone, who don’t go to shelter the car in winter. So, once you pack your automobile outside uncovered throughout winter it’ll be coated with snow. If snow covers your car then the temperature of the car will decrease causing many parts not to be able to work properly. Make sure you have to cover your car during winter.Most of the people avoid driving in winter because winter conditions are affecting your battery, tyres, and your alternator and it is more dangerous.

There are reasons why freezing temperatures make difficult to start a car.Firstly, bitter cold temperatures can make gas thicken. It can cause pressure and makes unnecessary friction in the engine itself.Secondly, bitterly cold weather interferes with the working of your car’s battery.

Some main culprits for an automotive failing to start out in cold weather:

  • Your battery is dead or frigid and need to get replaced.
  • There is water in your auto fuel lines.
  • You are not using the right motor oil.
  • The carburetor is damaged or broken.

Do Everything that Keep Your Car Warm

You have to do everything that keep your automobile warm during the winter months. This is very easy and simple, for those people who don’t have the heated garage parking, its important that you simply get innovative. Small electric heaters are often a wise investment. There are many covers and blankets available in automotive stores that you simply will throw over your car.

If you are failed to start your car in the cold, some reasons are below:

1-Your Battery is Dead

Below freezing temperature can make your battery weak or dead. A weak battery will usually cause your automotive not to start.Most specialists extremely recommend changing your battery every two years. However, you have to get a replacement battery as soon as possible.If your car is not starting in the winter season and you are sure that your battery is fine. Make sure that your car alternator is working properly. Continually purchasing batteries are very costly and more expensive.Our auto wreckers provide you car batteries and alternator on discount, for latest makes and models of common vehicle. Our pick-up service is always free, and our well-trained staff members can assist you to choose a cheap second hand car battery for your vehicle.

2-Water in Your Auto Fuel Line

Besides your car’s oil and lead-acid accumulator, the fuel line can even be a problem throughout winter.Unfortunately, there is water in your fuel line. Gasoline will not get to the motor if your fuel lines freeze, that means combustion is halted, which leads to your vehicle not to start.Using fuel with a low premium fuel is one solution. However, in several cases, it should be necessary to replace your fuel lines completely.

3-You Are Not Using the Right Oil

Examine with your car’s owner manual that what sort of oil your engine needs. Most new cars take lighter-weight oil that is very effective for winter season. Heavier-weight oil like 10W-30 makes thing more complicated once temperatures fall below freezing.Fast on-line search can tell you what specific type of oil is correct for your model, make, or any automotive store team member will help you and guide you in the right manner as well.